Welcome to Bias in Linguistics.

We are interested in looking at types of bias in the academic field of linguistics. Obviously, many types of bias are difficult to quantify. This website specifically looks at gender proportions at various stages of the academic career, from undergraduates through faculty and conference invitees, the idea being that conference invitees are those people who have received the most recognition for their work in their subfield. Our goal with this webpage is to raise awareness of the issue and to make available data that we collected so that anyone can explore the data on their own. The project is ongoing and more data is being collected.

We encourage everyone to be aware of the biases that exist in academia and make positive changes where they see an opportunity. Additionally, we’d like to encourage those who are interested in the project to make suggestions on how to improve the website, data collection, awareness raising, or any other aspect of the project.

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We also have a Google Group that we use as listserv to make announcements about this project, and we hope that such a listserv might also foster more conversation around this topic. We promise not to spam you; you might get two or three emails per year, around semester breaks.

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